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I'm hoping to get some help fitting my leatt dbx comp with my Troy Lee D2. So far I have used the brace for one ride, but I had to take it off half way through as I felt I was unable to tilt my head back far enough to see down the trail while at speed.

Since then I have been trying to get a better fit. I have taken the pads off and pushed the rear plate as for down as possible (I was planning to flip the plastic bolts so as to improve clearance but the plastic runners were already positioned upwards -- maybe leatt has started assembling them this way?). I have also positioned the two plastic plates outboard of Thorasic plate.

Just riding around in the street, I still have issues looking far down the road. Part of the problem is that brace seems to ride up a little as I look forwards. The straps certainly help a bit, but it still uncomfortable ride without being able to tilt my head properly.

I wonder if people have any ideas? I have attached a photo to this post. I wonder if I am just wearing the brace incorrectly and there is a simple fix? I'm hoping to have this figured out my tomorrow as I'm heading up to northstar for the weekend.



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