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carpe mañana
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Best place to learn about suspension is here. Best place for seeing them taken apart is instructions pages.


"El Whatever"
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I second _MK's opinion... this site has more geeks by square inch than any other place. The Turner forum is a strong contender, though.

I can't tell you how explanatory are the instructions at enduroforkseals. If that's not enough, Chris Streeter (Chris2fur) posts here regularly and is a cool guy to deal with. He'll answer anything you want with a smile.

Pay more attention to posts from (in no particular order):

Pushind (Noone less than Darren Murphy!!)
_MK himself
Steve from JH
Tscheezy (he has ridden more forks/shocks than any other human being)
Knolly (Noel Buckley from Knolly bikes)
Skywaybuzz - He does not frequent this forum much but he's knowledgeable in shock's maintenance.

And some others that could have escaped my mind (Sorry to those ones who I didn't mentioned, not my intentions to make the omission)

This takes me to the question... why in the hell don't we have a Suspension FAQ's????
Things like setting sags, oil volumes, basic maintenance, etc. We have the human resources to do it. it should not be difficult.

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If you have a credit card with a really high limit, you could buy about a dozen forks and tear into them.

I'd do it but I have crappy credit.

Old man on a bike
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Also check out (Tim Flooks) for good suspension info. There's a video I rented recently off Netflix called MTB Fundamentals: The Montain Bike Technique Video which consisted of riding techniques (downhill racing oriented) as well as bike setup with an emphasis on suspension setup by Tim Flooks and others.

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you might also want to have a look at my site:

features drag and drop editing of suspension systems, suspension vs. drivetrain interaction, variable size riders and much more. the software is used by several bicycle manufactorers in their suspension design process und demystifies many aspects of bicycle suspension behaviour.
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