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Hey everyone, I'm having a problem with my Hayes HFX Mag caliper and I'm hoping someone may have some advice for me.

Basically I started bleeding the system yesterday, just for some maintenance, I've had the brakes since '05. Once I was done bleeding them, I could not keep pressure, looking down I noticed fluid leaking from the caliper body. So today I bought a piston rebuild kit. During the tear down, I also removed the bleeder valve, just for the sake of really cleaning out the whole thing. Once I re-installed everything, the leaking from the body stopped, but now fluid is coming out of the bleeder, not through the threads, but through the bleed hole, even with it all the way closed. Just freely pissin out!! I've even gone down to the bike shop and got a new bleed valve, with no luck!!! Once I re-installed the new bleeder, and bled the system and tried to get pressure, same problem, every time I squeeze the lever, fluid squirts out the bleed hole.

Thanks for putting up with the LOOONG story!:crazy:

Does anyone have any advice on this? With a system this old am I just better off getting a new caliper?

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