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I sent my registration last week, hoping for a 7th shot at completing the 100 and getting a second belt buckle to display.

Ken Chlouber, one of the race founders, called today and said they have received 'thousands' of entries this year, presumably because Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis have indicated interest in racing this year.

Ken confirmed that Floyd Landis is "in" and will race. He isn't sure about Lance Armstrong, but there is apparently a meeting in California next week where it will be definitely decided.

So, if anyone else in Arizona is interested in doing either the 50, in July, or the 100 in August, and wants to train with me, let me know.

In my opinion the 50 is actually harder. Climb above 12,000 feet three times going out and three times coming back. I have finished it 2 for 2, but it ain't easy.. if you need information.

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