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I got the 29er LB hookless. 32 holes probably could have gone 28 holes, seems like alot of spokes. Also got the default novatech hub.

Had a hard time getting the tires to air up tubeless at first with the hookless. Pretty frustrating. So..I put tubes in , did a few rides, got a flat in the back on a sharp rock..decided to try tubless again and finally got the tires to hold air. I think running the tubes helped the tires conform to the rim.

I used Stans Tape, Orange Seal, Rocket Ron in the front Ikon in the back. I used the 21mm tape on one wheel and 25mm tape on the other since that was what I had. Both tape widths worked , the wider seemed better but does come up the side of the rim a mm or two ...the narrow tape seems to just barely cover the holes. I think I like the wider tape better.

I rode that setup for months, did 4 or 5 local races everything went well. First thing I notice about the LB rims is that they are really stiff. Way more so than my Stan Crests were. The LB rims seem to be super strong. The hubs also seem to be good.

So I am out riding yesterday on a pretty fast smooth section of trail all of a sudden it feels like someone stuck a pump in my front wheel. I hit the ground probably doing @20mph. Front tire instant Blow Out. Faak.

Upon closer inspection it looks like I got a 1/8 inch slit/puncture in the front tire. I think the sealant would have sealed the hole up fine but i think the tire came off the bead instantly when it lost pressure.

Separated shoulder, bruised ribs.

I have had a front tire blow out with tubes before actually about 10 years ago. (Separated shoulder on that wreck also..) So I guess I cant totally blame it on tubless /hookless but I have to say i am a bit wary now. Hell ... I am going to go with a tube with some sealant in it up front least until i forget about how bad my ribs hurt.
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