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Laurel Hill ?'s

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I know this may sound crazy, but what is the condition of Laurel Hill? I frewuently ride Colt's Neck/Difficult Run, is Laurel Hill as wet as these trails? any help or heads up would be greatly appreciated. I am just trying to find some where closer to ride/train before moving onto Fountainhead..... BTW I live in Lake Ridge.
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Laurel Hill is almost always your best bet. . .

. . . when it has been wet. Most of the trails drain well and dry quickly. There are a few technical spots (a log pile on the Giles Meadow trail and some step ups and switchbacks on the slaughterhouse loop) that will help prepare you for Fountainhead. Unfortunately, there's no hills that will get you ready for fountainhead.

Overall, it's a nice trail system--all the better that it's almost always in rideable condition. Nothing like Difficult Run.
Are there still alot of ticks out there? I rememeber hearing the stories that the were out there pretty bad this year lol...
Yeah, ticks are bad this year

But Laurel Hill is has a lot of open meadows and, where it is wooded, the trees are less dense. I'm guessing ticks woudl be less of an issue there than at most places. I have to admit I can't say first hand right now as I havent been on the bike since I dislocated my shoulder a few weeks ago (at Accotink of all places!).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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