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I've always wanted a bike that would fit my lanky ass and it's about to happen. I just put the finishing touches on this beast and this weekend is the maiden voyage. But, just pedaling around the yard... I find myself laughing hysterically at how this thing feels!

The beast is ready to eat.
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Nice! Is that your backyard?

Do I detect some fork / front tire rub in this photo?
EDIT: Upon closer inspection, never mind. Optical delusion.

What brand pedals are those?

Need some photos of you doing your usual hectic boulder huck stunts, please.

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Sounds fun. What is it that is making you laugh about it? I've had bikes that make me happy. When they're dialed in, I sometimes find myself singing, but I've never really laughed.

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so lm an idiot, but this is a 36er right?

regardless, it looks good, really good

EDIT: sorry if you're midget (or whatever tf its called now)
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