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icegeek said:
What a great trip. Thanks for sharing your vacation. Now, how do I convince the wife that Im over due for a road trip? Well, yeah right. Anyway thanks, great pics.


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Thanks all. Let's see...

wunderhorn: "I so hate you right now..."

Awe shucks, I hate you too.

ArmySlowRdr: "sweet pix. I hope to end up either back in Texas or to CO..."

Head on back home Tex, we don't like your kind in these parts.

brianc: "... thanks for ... taking up 45 mins of work time..."

You work?

YuriB: "could ya post the good stuff next time?"

You first.

Nick: "... One of my favorites ..."

Mine too, thanks. It came from a crazy 45 min or so of screaming around as the light changed.

zon: "... How do you like the X5?"

a) Whatever gave you the idea I ride a X5?
b) Those things suck, I ride a real bike and carry that thing along for the photos cause I like the color.
c) It's my favorite bike.

SSweetleaf: "... made me want to ... ride Downieville..."

Eh, it's OK there. I guess.

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You've made a complete fool of yourself!

ID sucks!
CA doesn't have any singletrack!
UT sucks!
CO is too crowded!
NV sucks!
WY is barren!

So why the he11 do you think we'd be interested?


Ed E
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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