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I love getting parcels:) . Had to wander up to the post office to pick one up today. It was the tyres I'd ordered from the nice folks at Bike29. Put them on the Niner as well as the 20t rear cog and headed out to the woods.
Nevegals are bloody brilliant!
It is so nice to ride a tyre with actual side knobs for a change. I could really corner agressively, something I haven't been able to do since the summer. Rolling resistance wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Traction was excellent on climbs but much of that could be attributed to the switch from an 18t to a 20t out back.
Tyre weights, for those interested 799g and 783g. I actually like the beefiness as I can run them at low pressure (35psi) without them feeling squirmy.
I'll have to shoot off another email to Kendas UK distributor telling them how damn good this tyre is.
And, when I got back from my ride, the postie had been and left another parcel. My merino wool Molteni Arcore jersey:).
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