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After over 12,000 hits and 400 posts the SSWC08 registration is dead. No more to see here folks, do what you want to do with the race. I posted what I thought were two longwinded posts meant to at least get some conversation going as to what we want to do with our sport in the future and sort of got lost in the Whine and Antiwhine mayhem.

My last word to the directors and to all the happy,disappointed, and really angry people is to learn from our mistakes.

I don't think there would have been 20 posts or more than 1,000 hits on the registration hoopla if at Thanksgiving Curtis (Hey I do know his name now) would have posted this message on the SSWC08 website.

Dear SS riders from around the world. We have a great venue planned out for the SSWC08, but can only allow 350 riders to be in the event by permit.

Here are our selection criteria.

1. 50 slots international Pros and fast guys. Accepted by resume and invitation. If you are not a pro or Top 10% Expert the you may enter the US or Foreign National lottery as back up for the invitation.

2. 50 slots women Pros may enter as #1 by resume and shall all be placed in
US or Foreigh National Lottery if not invited.

3. 50 slots Good buddies and folks who we feel should be in there.

4. 100 Slots International lottery Hey our dollar is weak, come spend money. Need proof like your passport to get in folks.

5. 100 slots Good old USA boys and Girls. Probably a 10 to 1 shot, but roll the dice dudes and dudettes and get lucky.

6. Plate # 351s Please don't crash the race or our permits may be invalidated. But come out and cheer, derby, and party all week to make it the biggest and bestest SSWC ever .

Selection process begins today and the lottery held on _ _ _ 2008.

Thank you for your support. Good luck and See ya next summer

I would bet 99% of the problems would have been prevented and the after taste would be as sweet as candy.

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I disagree. had that been posted on thanksgiving, then there would have been a good six weeks of bellyaching and personal calls and emails haranguing curtis about how many of x, y, or z folk should be allowed, and scores and scores of people sending begs and pleads to be let in. (since it's his name that's attached to the event, he'd be getting the calls). which would make him miserable, much to the chagrin of his wife and friends, and to the general detriment of the event and the sport and the whole shebang.

I think next year it should be by invite only. I think people are forgetting that this whole thing is for a laugh and for fun. if you're nice, and enjoy bicycles, and play well with others, you're in. if you have a tattoo from a previous year, you're in. if you ride a trainer to warm up before races, sorry, you're out. I think the whole thing would be a lot more fun if the organizers got to sift through 1000 applications and pick their faves rather than sifting through 1000 whiny emails from people bellyaching about the thing. the same 50 friends get in, the internationals get in, plenty of fast folks show up, and the same seven or eight hundred folks go home crying. better luck next year....
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