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Welll... Late report.

Haven't had time to report back.

I met with Oscar, the Flying Kiwi and Cpt. Jack Sparrow last sunday for a dang good ride.

We were in a hurry, but it didn't impede to have nice good fun on the trails!
It was cold, but sunny... which was sign of a hot climb by the end of the ride (yeah, we CLIMB after we got the most fun descending :p ).

Over to Colosio, where we pictured CJS and Aids (he's ALIVE!!)... Ground was not level, that's why Aids looks taller than CJS, but it's just the picture... :D


We went down Tierra Roja and made a shortcut through the woods. We met the Xinte guys to help in the trail care they were doing.

Bike trees... too bad it only blossoms Cannondales. :bluefrown:

Then, we got to Espiritu Santo for the reward....

After that, the typical singletrack through the woods but we headed over the Cuaresma to spice things just a little and then made Las Hojas going down.... WHAT A BLAST!!!!! Las Hojas is awesome... nice, hard-techie section to climb, but awesome descent. It needs some rut filling here and there but it's almost 100% rideable!

Thanks to Oscar, Aids and CJS for making this a very good ride!!! :thumbsup:

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tigerdog said:
Damn, I'd almost forgotten how ugly the flying kiwi is!
Dont knock the Kiwi's we are a fine rare breed................................:D
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