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The temps. were forecast to go from 16F to 38F yesterday (50F today) and what little snow was left was a light cover over a lot of shallow frozen crust and sheet ice. I had to get while the gettin' was good.
It was my fastest avg. speed all Winter!

As I was returning to the trail split where I could either hop back on for another lap or return to my truck, a woman I recognize by her yellow Pugsley approached.
She was working hard, like a steam engine. Kinda tunnel vision. Didn't see me until the last moment.
I was 3 minutes from the end of a pretty good outing and was already thinking of stomping the pedals down to the parking lot.

She rounds the corner while I'm trying to beat her to the same corner so I can exit before she enters, and we end up face to face.

We would normally stop and chat briefly, but she has snot across her face, almost to her right ear, which I think she realized just at that moment. Upon seeing that, I become aware that I have a big wad of frozen snot in my mustache (more than usual) as well.

We both smile sheepishly.
We both mumble "Hi".
And we both turn self-consciously away from eachother - "Have a good one!" - and just keep going.
It will be funny if I see her again in the next week or so, sans snot.

Last snow of the Winter riding season.
Nature Branch Winter Natural environment Photograph

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