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From now until Thursday is your last chance to make the child of a deployed or deploying Texas National Guard happy this Christmas!

Although we are donating 50% (or more if you prefer) of all donations throughout the month of December to Bikes for Goodness Sake, we are sending everything we have received come Thursday night on Friday, 19 December, in order to get as much as we can to them before Christmas.

Although my initial post was removed for some reason :skep: , please understand that we are not soliciting donations for After-all, if you tell us 100% goes to Bikes for Goodness Sake, a non-profit organization, then every penny you donate goes from us straight to them. If you prefer you can even donate directly from their site using PayPal. There are also local baike shops listed on their website where you can donate, too.

If you have any questions, please, by email, or pm. Again, all donations through December benefit BFGS, but all donations received by Thursday night will make it in time for Christmas!

If you are privy enough to be able to remove this post, I would appreciate a heads up and a reason why...after-all, what happened to Christmas Spirit and helping the children? ;)
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