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I think you could fit a 2.0 Big Apple.

I have had to get a disc compatible Surly fork and have disc mounts brazed on the rear of my original Rat Ride.

The bike is being built up as a mini Pugs with 24" Hoggy G tires mounted on 24" Surly LM rims. Its going to be a sweet ride.

R.I.P. Pugsley.
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@Bidaci :
Those Hookworms do look realy good on that bike !!

I am thinking of putting them my Cadex cfm-4.
It already has 2.35 Big Apples on it, but i want to go as fat as possible.
But i dont know if it will have enough clearance in the rear.
It's on a 29mm Grimeca rim, and the Big Apples have 5 to 6mm clearance on the sides and about 8mm clearance at the top.
Does anybody have any idea if Hookworms would fit as well ?

(@Flashes : Sorry for hitching a ride in/on your topic !)


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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