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Large Uzzi VP ACTUAL Measurements Please?

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If anyone has received their large Uzzi VP yet, I would love to know actual measurements of seat tube center of BB to top, and top tube center of seat collar to center of head tube.

I am really struggling over a large vs XL Uzzi. By my calcs, my 410mm post will be max height when climbing on a large, which isn't desirable. My climbing seat height is 82cm from center of bb to top of saddle.

But I'm also worried I won't be able to get the saddle low enough on vert stuff with the XL. My priority is DH but I must climb to the top first. I'm coming from a large 6.6.

Again, actual measurements from a large Uzzi would help me immensely. Thanks.
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Has anyone seen any photo of Large Uzzi? If you have received L frame, could you post one?
Eric at CC got me the numbers - 18.5" and 23". Time to crunch some numbers.
Aki, I think there are pics of larges in the Uzzi picture thread.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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