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Laramie area Q's? TIA

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Thanks for any advice! So the girlfriend and I were/are planning on camping out for a week somewhere in the medicine Bow/Laramie area, for riding and running.

But......I've been hearing horror stories of the mosquitos there, and even of some of the camping areas being shut down due to the bugs being so bad. True? Also several mentions of how bad the bugs are this time of year in the trail review section.

If so, better to skip it, and wait another month or two?

Any reccos on areas to stay/camp where they may not be as bad as others? Yeah, I know, not next to stagnant water sources, and old water filled tires.....



Oh yeah, I was planning on only bringing my SS for the trip; sounds doable from the review section.
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yo ho

Beaver ponds have squitos.....If Laramie is like it always is WIINNNNDY then bugs won't be a problem... Better to ride in morn or late afternoon...Less wind and less severe weather tends to pop up...

GO enjoy yourselves....camping Brooklyn Lake or Northfork campground....Snowys that is

Medicine bow... Vedawoo or Blair Wallis follow I-8o signs...Lower Happy jack has camping and ties city along Summit highway...Tie City is nice because the trails all connect in that area...

Stop at the Fine Edge and speak with mitch....he's local (loco) and knows the area and camping and has group rides..Tell him adrian sent you...

Post pics later :D
No bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been hosting at the Yellow Pine campground in the Happy Jack area and have been riding and running the trails heavily. Very few bugs out there! Tie City campground was closed due to some beetle infestation of the trees, but we didn't see any beetles, just forest service personnel cutting down trees (logging practice?).
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