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I rode at Wompatuck State Park just south of Boston a bit ago... It was very interesting. It used to be an old ammo depot for WWII, so there were giant bunkers hidden in the forest and an inordinate number of fire hydrants throughout the park. Great riding, some newly built trails that were fast and flowy, but not "technical" for those of us who would rather go fast every once in a while. Accordint to NEMBA there was a nice piece of singletrack that was closed because it was found to be on a live minefield. Really keeps the trail threaders at bay eh?

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Explosives Bunker, that door is about 12 feet tall. Most of the bunkers had cool graffiti too

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I have passion for this place

Munitions manufactured in these woods were run by train to Hingham harbor and then placed on barges to load onto warships at sea. Every year, abandoned plants are getting cleaned up and disappearing. You can be sitting on top of a natural looking bluff jammed with white pines and notice a 50 yard row of air vents and realize that you are on a bunker. Land mined areas are fenced off, or so we are told. There are spots in here where the ferns still grow in 10 degrees in January. eerie. I ride here in the winter when the Blue Hills are closed. If there is too much snow, you can ride the packed down snowmobile tracks.
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