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I went to one of the Landis bike shops today to check out bike racks. Five months ago I bought a Yakima roof rack from them for my car. I spent ALOT of money that day. Well, sold the car and now have a truck so, I am looking at what my options are. I spend some more money and meanwhile i am just trying to talk "bikes" with the responce! Just curtousy knods and short "yeahs". It wasn't busy in there and I felt rushed out the door!
Landis? There's plenty more bike shops out here. I think I'll try door # 2 where someone wants me to come back!
I don't know, maybe the guy was having a bad day or a stomach ache. Maybe I should give them another try? It seems like they lean more to the road side of things anyways. Maybe I am just reading into it to much.

Just my thoughts.
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