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Lake Sawyer details needed....Map?

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I'm going to be making my first trip to Lake Sawyer tomorrow with a friend. Neither of us are familiar with it at all. I know everyone says to go to bdbikes and get a map, but they don't open till noon tomorrow, and we want to get started way before that. So I went looking for some maps, and found this one. Will this get me going or get me lost? Is there something better out there? Anyone got coordinates or routes or something? I've also seen on the MTBR review of it that it's listed with 5+ miles, but BBTC says 20 miles. What gives? It looks from my TOPO! maps that it's fairly flat out there, which is probably good for me at this point. Anyone have a better map? I don't want to get lost...

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Use that map as a basic point of reference if you wind up way the hell off the beaten path. Otherwise it's totally useless. Buy a compass and orienteer your way out. Meaning that mostly you can use the Highway, the river, and your bearing to work your way out when you're tired of riding.

Most of the twisty trails are on the East end of the trail system hence closer to the highway....
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