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Laguna Wilderness (T&A) video

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Yesterday, The Path Bike Shop Sunday ride took us to Laguna Wilderness. The singletrack was in good shape and everyone had a good time.

The T&A video follows Tani down the trail on his rigid singlespeed. Enjoy and remember to right click the link and select Save Target As. (Play time is 4:21 with a size of 32.8 MB.)

Ride write up and a couple more videos from the day are available on the website.

Enjoying the fun on the lower section of T&A:

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Right arm. Thanks for posting all these Vids!
Im DL the video right now, cool photos though. FXrob and I have only ridden that spot once, we walked that short steep rock.

Is that "Big Guy" from SocalTrailRiders in the background with the COILER?
Big Guy?

Yep, that is Serge. I believe it was his first time down T&A. He liked it.
very nice
Very nice. I usually ride Aliso, but maybe I should check the other side of the 133 out. Is Laguna Wilderness still only open on weekends, or is it open weekdays, too? Also, where exactly does that trail hit the 133?
LWP only open weekends

Laguna Ridge legal exits 133 near Big Bend

Old Emerald legal

Trail ? illegal no bikes no hiking trail closed

There are other illegal trails in LWP that are very nice trails that I wish the powers would make legal.
hbfrdh1 said:
Also, where exactly does that trail hit the 133?
Laguna Ridge aka "T&A" ends at the 133 about a mile west of the Laguna Wilderness parking lot. So when you get to the bottom of T&A turn left onto the 133. Be careful with the traffic. It is busy on the weekends.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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