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I basically started this as a spoof on the similiarly titled thread. Just my sense of humor. I'm also trying to up my post count.
But I am a little dissappointed that the people at Turner have families and can't understand that here in So. Cal. we have great weather unlike the rest of the US where people seem to have brand new bikes they can't ride, and I don't even have a bike to ride.
I think your bike should be shipped in order of when it will be ridden, not when you ordered it, just 1/2 kidding. Because that way we could sell more for Turner by posting Wasabi like, sinus blowing reviews.
Happy Holidays, take your time, have fun with your families on vacation and your yearly inventory, but hurry up and send me my frame. Please??? Then I can tell everyone about my mind altering experience as it relates to the DWL.

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