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Labor Prices

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Is there anyone near monterey that can put a bike together for my sister for less than $65?? Shop prices in cali are ridiculous. I'd charge $20ish here in Colorado. Bike's already been assembled and adjusted, just needs pedals, seatpost, front whl.,stem/h-bar, and 3-spd bellcrank assembled from shipping. Thanx.
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It's probably going to get a pretty good going over when the shop mechanic puts it back together. Making sure it all shifts right and wheels are straight and brakes working good. Not to mention making sure the 'liability bolts' are snugged up correctly.

I'd say $65 is worth the peice of mind that it's done correctly. "You get what you pay for."

Stranger off the street/craiglist might get you a gem, or a turd of a mechanic with no way to go back to them to 'make it right'.

My $0.02
Send her to the LBS. If that shade tree Craigslist mechanic strips the BB, or such, you'll be better off. AMHIK.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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