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L or XL?

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I'm currently riding a size XL Hardrock, a frame which has been a great fit for me for over 5 years now (I'm 6'0", 190lbs, 32" inseam, longer arms for my height).
I'm looking to upgrade to an FSRxc, and I've been to 4 bike shops now, none of which even have an XL anything in stock. The last place I went to was desperately trying to sell me a large-frame (after I told the salesman that the Medium he pulled off the rack for me wasn't going to work), but the guy was also pushing bikes that were well above the price range I was looking to spend, leading me to believe he didn't really have my best interest at heart.
They did have one L '08 XC that I rode around the parking lot :)rolleyes: ), which didn't feel quite right, but that might just be because I have no experience riding full-suspension bikes. He also put me on a large Trance, which was definitely too small. At the suggestion of one of the salesmen at a different shop, I looked at the measurements for my bike and the L and XL FSRxc, and mine seems to fall kind of in-between, so that doesn't really help me. I've got 2 more shops within the distance I'm willing to travel, but it seems like no one will carry an XL for me to try out, leaving me to have my local shop order one sight-unseen, and idea which I'm not terribly fond of.
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It all depends what works for you. I'm almost exactly the same size as you (but with added weight). I ride a Large SJ FSR Expert. The riding I do is tight single track. Oftentimes they're dirt bike paths. I'd feel a bit uneasy with a XL between my legs.

On short road trips the bike does seem a bit short between the saddle and bars, but that goes away when things get tight in the woods.
it depends on what feels right, im 6'1 and ride a large, it has alot to do with your body geometry too, i would ride both, but i would say a large for you but its really what feels good, a smaller frame is going to be more flickable. and a bigger frame will lay u down and stretch u out more, but that can lead to back n neck pain. ride em both is the bottom line no matter what brand of bike ur looking at getting
same here... 6' 0" and ride a L. At first thought I was too upright and close to the front end, but on the trail it all felt nice. If I were on an XL, I would NOT be able to distribute my weight between front and rear as well.
A large 08 SJ FSR Elite works for me. I'm 6'0", 200 lbs, 32" inseam, and 33" shirt arm length.
Everyone is different, but I purchased a 08 FSR XC pro in a size XL that the bike shop said was the correct size for me. Well I could never get comfortable and always felt like I was going to crash. I am 6ft tall. I sold the bike to my 6ft 4in tall friend that loves it. I ended up getting a great deal on a 09 Stumpy FSR comp in a size large that felt good. The one thing I did swap was the small handlebar to a larger one and now it feels perfect. If you can find a shop that has demo bikes do it. I ended up pissing away a few hundred dollars from my mistake. Only thing good that came out of it was getting someone else out on the trail by selling my bike to them.
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