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My wife's DT Swiss Tricon rear wheel (purchased with a used bike last year) was out of true, and couldn't be trued because of some seriously damaged spoke nipples (probably from the previous owner). The front wheel was slightly out of true, due to a twisted spoke. No idea how long it's been that way.

DT Swiss suggested sending the rear wheel to QBP's wheel department for repair, as they are an authorized DT Swiss service center.

QBP has not been completely honest about the situation. I ended up being sent an entirely new "Tech Demo" rear wheel for a seriously low price. They made some decisions without authorization from me, and kept the spare spokes and nipples that I sent them to use for the repair. They almost kept the upgraded ratchet rings in the wheel I sent until I pointed that out and the shop mechanic called them up and got them to return them. But they insisted on keeping the spokes, "to offset the cost of the wheel". Didn't learn any of this until after the new wheel arrived at the shop.

The mechanic talked to DT Swiss today, who seemed pretty exasperated about how QBP has handled the situation. DT Swiss is sending me a new spoke kit at no charge.

The mechanic believes someone at QBP irreparably damaged the wheel when trying to remove the damaged nipples, and is trying to cover it up. It sure seems that way to me. The invoice from them has a few service charge lines that were zeroed out, too. Odd. I'd have been okay with most of it if they had just called and talked to my mechanic for me to authorize. I'm still not okay with them keeping the spokes. But at least DT Swiss is being cool.

This is my 2nd interaction with QBP's wheels department and the second time they've messed something up. The first time was really minor and something I decided to write off as a one-time mistake, because the wheels they built for me have been solid for a few years now. After this time, not so much.

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man that does bite for sure. I had a similar incident where the shop didn't relay some info back to Reynolds for me which in turn caused a well to not get repaired correctly. Reynolds is making it up to me in a big way.

Good to know companies will step up and take care of something even when they don't have to.
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