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Kuat Racks, worth the premium?

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How is Kuat as a company?
I'm looking to switch to a tray style rack and I am looking at the Kuat N.V. However, for such a premium price I would expect premium customer service, warrantee, etc.

Also, how do the racks themselves compare to other companies?

Thanks all!

(NOTE: Has anybody seen a price better than $411.75, including shipping?)
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I went with Kuat as my first hitch bike rack, for the weight and design (Only seen the T2, and Hold-up in stores). I really like aluminum construction over steal so I do not have to worry about corrosion as much. The customer service is really good, and provided me with the missing parts and some swag for my trouble (lock nuts were missing and had hitch scratches on it when I opened the package). I am really happy with the product and feels sturdy when put together and time will tell how well it will last. The plastic that they use seems good but wish it had some aluminum support. Hope I do not have to deal with the warranty anytime soon, and the lock and trailer hitch pin lock are nice to have included. Will test the trail doc later when it warms up. With my experience so far I would recommend it. That price seems good as I bought mine for $475.
i got one. a rack is a rack. only thing is how much thought they put in to make it work.
its meant to hold bikes.

yes it hold bikes.

its meant to mount on a car.

yes it mounts well.

its meant to have convenient features?

yes it has. like the rear bike stand the flip down for boots.

it looks good.

its a good alternative to a roof rack.

nothing to dislike about it at all. worth every penny? to me, yes.
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Here is my review of the Sherpa.

With all that I can add quite a bit. The plastic on the rack appears to be the same type as on any other rack. So I don't see any issues there. Its way light. Compared to other racks I have seen at either shops or friends, the Kuat seems to be built much better. It, to me, seems to be the highest quality rack ....even for the money, which isn't that much compared to SIMILAR racks.

With that being the quick answer, I may be selling this one and upgrading to the NV. The reason was this rack was going to be used on more than one car and could use either a 1 1/4" hitch or a 2" hitch. Since that isnt gonna happen anymore (got rid of a car) I want a regular 2" NV, just a personal thing.
How is Kuat as a company? Outstanding. I'm lucky enough to live in Springfield, MO, where they are based. They took my NV and my hitch adapter and drilled new holes in both to make it fit better on my FJ Cruiser. Awesome.

Also, how do the racks themselves compare to other companies? I've had Thule & Sportrack owners tell me how much better the Kuat is made than theirs are, while they were touching it in a way that made me kind of uncomfortable.
There is no real difference in build QUALITY, but the small touches, like anodized aluminum pieces, spring-loaded lever releases and the Trail Doc included with the NV all add up to make a big difference.

(NOTE: Has anybody seen a price better than $411.75, including shipping?) I assume you are looking at a Sherpa. That's pretty close to what I've found. I wanted to buy at my LBS, so I walked in on the weekend they were released and asked them to match the internet price and I'd eat the difference in tax. They said no problem, and I didn't have to wait for shipping.
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