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please don't perceive this as spam's just advance notice to folks interested in the NV and Sherpa Racks...effective 3/1/2011. FYI...

from Kuat....

I just wanted to send along our updated pricing for 2011. The main changes are that the NV and the Sherpa are now priced higher at all levels. We have incurred several increases in production costs which necessitate this increase. The demand for these items over the last year has led us to believe that the price increase will not significantly decrease sales. We have put much consideration into this change, and have determined that it is the best move for the continued strength of our brand. Note the wholesale, map, and retail pricing. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

NV Retail - $549.00 Minimum Advertised Price - $529.00
Sherpa Retail - $449.00 Minimum Advertised Price - $429.00
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