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did a few upgrades on my tanuki but i want to know if i can lose more weight then what it has, currently at 28lbs

fork - Rockshox secktor R
wheels mavic crossride
rear der - sram x9
handlebars - fsa gravity 710mm
stem - uno 70mm
crank xt (looking to go slx 2x)

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I wasn't overly familiar with the Tanuki, and saw this great quote on the Kona site:
"Oh yeah, a Tanuki is a mythical Japanese creature with giant nuts." Nice!

Re the weight loss, hard to see from the low-res photo, but looks like you're still running a 2X setup, so as you'll usually hear in this area, moving to 1X allows you to drop a shifter, the rear derailleur, and one of the chainrings. That's a great way to lose weight, and you can decide upon a range from 28T, 30T, 32T, and 34T up front depending on what tradeoffs you want (retaining more lower end ratios vs higher end speed).

Next, you can tackle the wheelset. You have many options available, but can certainly drop weight from the CrossRides fairly easily, i.e. if you like Mavic consider the CrossMax SL. You might be able to find a decent set used, at a much lower price.

On a related note, looks like you are running the original Maxxis Ardent tires in the 800g range. You should be able to drop more by considering lighter tires, and personally I like Schwalbe, but there are many choices out there.

The fork seems decent at 1788g that I could see (you can fairly easily get into the 1500g range), but I think you're best first bets are around converting to 1X, and updating the wheelset and tires.

After that you start to get diminishing returns from updates to the bars, stem and seatpost, so maybe hold off on those for now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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