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Kona resurects the Humu Humu Nuku Nuku A Pua 'A

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Humu Humu Nuku Nuku A Pua 'A Deluxe, I always thought it was a pretty cool bike.

If your crafty you can also find the Unit, not so sure about the color though, I want the deer hunters to know exactly what I am.
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Yeah! Those bikes are sweet. Kind of like the old champion cruisers in esthetics. I have wanted one, just never done anything about it. Maybe time to pick one up as the around town cruiser. :)

It sure beats my original Humu Humu. The frame looks exactly the same, but we're talking nice cranks, nice brakes, and decent hubs. The price is nearly double what the old one cost. For $700, I'd want the green light to singletrack that rig. Kona classifies it as an "Asphalt" ride. What do you all think about hitting trails with it? Otherwise, why raise the price with disc brakes and hubs and fancy crank? If it's a cruiser, let it be a cruiser.

Oh yeah, nice!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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