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Cracked Headtube said:
I've always thought those Humu's had a lot of potential! Cool build. I think they used to call this bike the A'ha. Am I wrong?
I think you're right. But, to be honest, those Kona names are so weird, I even can't tell the full and correct name of my "Humu" by now.

I bought it as pictured above for 299.- €, (approx. 210.- $) and I did not know, that it had a front brake (it was pictured without one by the bike-mailorder-shop). But then - surprise - it came with Hayes mechanical disc. After riding some days, I decided to change the rear wheel, cause theat cheap chinese coaster brake rear wheel allways had bearing play. So I converted a Mavic Crossride disc-front-wheel to a fixed rear-wheel.

First I started with an 26'' front wheel and two Maxxis MTB-tires, but when I noticed the front tire clearence, I imediately had the plan to fit a 29'' front wheel someday. One or two weeks ago, I got a 29'' hub-dynamo-wheel for my Salsa 29er commuterbike and the original 29er wheel from my Salsa was left over. After an unsatisfying and dirty attempt to use a 2.1'' wide frontwheel, I changed to a 44mm so called "trekking" or "cross" (not cyclocross) wheel (approx. 1.8''), which approved the handling of the bike considerable.
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