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Kona Experts - How much is this bike worth?

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Kona Experts - How much do you think this bike is worth?

I have a 1999 Kona Muni Mula that I'm going to sell, since I never grew into it. But, I have no idea what I should ask for it. I'm hoping you could please help me out with what you think the fair market value would be.

I bought it brand new for over$1000 and it's been ridin' about 5 times.

The color is a really cool Bomber Blue and a 19" frame

Here's some of the awesome things on this bike:
Shimano Deore LX Craknset Mega Drive Train
Ritchey Clipless Pedals (Black)
Shimano Deore XT Derailer
Mavic x221 Rims
Konda Gravy Rear Tire - awesome tread
Kona Lumpy Front Tire -awesome tread
SDG Comp saddle
Interlock Seat Post
Arch Rival 40 Brakes
Mobius Stem (I'll also include the original Kona Aluminum stem)
Marzocchi Bomber Z4 Front Suspension (made in Italy)
Avid SD 1.9L Brake Levers
Kalloy Handlebars

I'm hoping to sell it, to get a smaller bike that will fit me. Just curious what you think is a fair price to ask for.

Here's a link to the reviews of it:

Thanks very much for your advice! I appreciate it! :thumbsup:

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Considering the shape it's in, I'd say around $350 dollars.
Ask your Kona dealer, or put it on ebay with a low starting price. Post a reserve price in case you come out loosing your shirt. You might get close to 400$, not much more.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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