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Hi everybody!

I'm down to 2 choices and have some technical questions about Coiler, so pleeeeeeease help

I'm selling my dirt/dual hardtail and looking for something let's say allmountain - bike should be good for climbing (not like some pure xc racing beast tough) and for some downhill fun too (nothing radical, biggest drops would be 3 feet or so and not on flat, but on descent), bike I could take on allday trip too nearby woods and smaller mountains

Bike of my choice is Focus Bud (German bike company - I live in Croatia in Europe)

some fast info of this bike:

Front fork: Rock Shox Tora-318, 95-130 mm with remote lockout (like that very much)
Rear suspension: Manitou Radium RL with lockout (like that very much)
Brakes: Avid Juicy 3
Front and Back derailleurs: Shimano LX
Drive train and BB: Shimano Deore

weight:13,5 kg which is app. 30 lbs
price: around 1250 $, but I think ill get 20% tax refound because I'm buying it Slovenia (maybe I could squeeze even this bike in my budget: Focus Super Bud)

but yesterday I came across some really good discount and can get Kona Coiler '06. for 1630 $ (again there is 20% tax refound)

now I'm interested wether Coiler is worth 400$ more? what bothers me is Allmountain 4 front fork with no lockuot - not so good for climbing and rear suspension Fox Vanilla R with no propedal - not so good for climbing or allday rides in my opinion and I heard that bike is on the heavy side

now, I know that Coiler would be better for downhill parts, but I have some serious climbing to do till I get to downhill parts, so...

my main question is: Would you buy Coiler or Bud/Super Bud for allday trips to woods, thaht include a lot of climbs, but some funn downhills too?

The helmet question

Has anybody used this helmet:Met Parachute? I had it in my hands in shop and the face part didn look safe at all, it look more like it would cause more damage than if it werent there...

Other helmet I'm considering is: Casco Viper MX (link)

Thanks in advance for all help and answers,

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Coiler is a fun bike, and a capable platform to upgrade from,good geometry for a little freeride fun.

Sorry i dont now the focus.

Casco viper is a damn fine helmet, had one for a year now and the quality is outstanding.

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i owned that coiler about a month ago...i switchet from a Kona Caldera with 105mm ETA fork...So my firs impressions where YES heavy clumsy...But after a month and 3trips into mountains i love that bike...its not for racing for sure. But an 10km uphill with 14% stages is to hadle! with some training...It would be easier with a few kilos less but you have a bike that will take a lot of hits and jumps. Yes the fork is a handicap on very sloped technical uphills...but you can in some time get used to it and then change it.
The Vanilla R HAS pro pedal!! but you cannot adjust it. It works well. A friend of me has a Vanilla and it wips a lot more.If you got SPD pedals you can pedal very well uphills whet you stay in the seat.
I was thinking about the Dawg but now im happy with my Coiler
i get used to its weight. But thats no problem you can bit it down with some Cevlar tires as I did thats a 0.5kilo less for the start! I also think its a good base for a do it all bike...
and when you get in some time a lockout fork like ETA or 2Step, TALAS2 you forget the extrta kilos:)

STARSKY from Poland:)
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