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kona caldera vs cinder cone

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So im lookin for a new hardtail and i've narrowed it down to either the Kona Caldera or the Cindercone, but now i can't decide which. i like the cinder cone more b/c of price, but the caldera is only 200 more and im wondering if its worth spending the extra cash to get the caldera, or if ill be just as happy with the cindercone. any advice would be great. if it matters im 5'11, 165lbs

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Both are good bikes, but if you can afford it I would recommend the Caldera. The Tora Fork is a significant upgrade over the Dart 3. Also, the Caldera has some nice upgrades in the brakes, crankset, and clipless pedals.
Caldera if you can afford it

The Cinder Cone is a great bike, but if you can afford the Caldera, go for it - the standard equipment is better, so you may not feel the need to upgrade any parts for longer (if at all). If you are on a strict budget, get the Cinder Cone.
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