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Fishtoes2000 said:

Alex Dolpp, Steve Kinley, and I are thinking about it.

Todd Scott
Yeehaw to all four of ya!

If you haven't seen the updated (as of yesterday) website, check it out here:

Lots of new info, links, maps and photos (in the linked pages).

It's way too early to tell, but based on the volume of questions I'm getting, the roster is going to more than triple for this years' race. 15 last year, potentially 50+ this year. We'll see about that in May, I guess.

For now, a teaser photo from the course. Taken of 2005 race-winner Jon Brown (photo by Brian Riepe) a few miles shy of the finish.




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I'm planning on it in 07. I don't have the time in 06. I'll be moving back to Texas (God Bless it) and that'll be an expensive move. Only if teachers made a larger salary! I'm so jealous of everyone that get's to do it this year, good luck to everyone!
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