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Knolly Endorphin (smoke ano/ black ano)
Fox HV Rp23 shock
Geax Lobo Loco 2.3 TnT tires
FSA Orbit Extreme Pro headset
HD Chris King/ Mavic XM819d/ Sapim CX-ray
Rock Shox Lyrik SoloAir set to 140mm
Magura Louise 180/160mm
FSA Gravity Lite bar
XTR cranks
XTR front der.
XT 11-34 cassette
X.9 triggers
X.0 med cage rear der.
Thomson 70mm/ 0deg stem
Thomson Elite seatpost
WTB Rocket V Stealth saddle
Time ATAC XS pedals
Oury grips
Jagwire Expressway L3 housing
- weight: 30.44lbs


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frame -- Knolly Endorphin w/ RP23, white, large
fork -- RS Pike U-Turn Dual Air
headset -- Sunline V-One AM
wheels -- DT 5.1 w/ Hope Bulbs
brakes -- 08 Avid BB7, 180 front, 160 rear
handlebar -- FSA Gravity Lite 31.8
stem -- 70mm Thomson X4
seatpost -- Gravity Dropper
saddle -- WTB Laser V
crankset -- Truvativ Gtylo GXP w/ Race Face rings and bash
pedals -- Crank Bros Mallets
cassette -- SRAM 990
shifters -- Sram Rocket Triggers
front D -- Shimano XT
rear D -- Shimano XT Shadow
cables & housing -- Jagwire Ripcord
tires -- WTB 2.5 Weirwolf front, 2.4 Motoraptor rear

For weight conscious folks, final build came to 33.5lbs on the nose with a pretty sturdy build and some extra heavy pedals and seatpost. I could tell it was a bit heavier than the 575 when loading it into the car but never once noticed the extra weight on the trail.


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AM's Endoprhin

Medium Frame
Black anodized

  • Roco TST Air & Fox RP23
  • Fox Talas 36 RC2 fork
  • Cane Creek 110 headset
  • DT Swiss 5.1 rims w/ DT Comp spokes
  • Industry Nine flanged hubs
  • DT 10mm RWS rear thingy
  • XT and SLX Crank
  • Kenda Nevegal 2.35
  • Magura Louise BAT alloy
  • Shimano XT 11-34 cassette
  • Sram X9 front D
  • Sram X9 rear D

Weight: 33 lbs w/ Roco & 32 lbs w/ RP23
Head Angle: 66.9 degrees (fork at 160 travel and is my preferred travel)


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Endorphin in Orange

Frame - Medium, Orange Metallic
Front Shock - Fox 36 RC 2 Talas 100-160 (2008)
Back Shock - Cane Creek Double Barrel - Steel Spring
Headset - Cane Creek 110
Wheels - Industry Nine Enduro with Stan Flow Rims
Brakes - Magura Marta 203 Front, 180 Rear
Handlebar - Easton Monkey Lite XC
Stem - Thompson Elite X4 - 70mm
Saddle - WTB Rocket V Team
Crank - Shimano XT FC-M770
Pedals - Crank Brothers Acid 3
Chain - SRAM PC991
Cassette -SRAM PG-980
Shifter - SRAM X.0
Front D - SRAM X.9 - Front
Rear D - SRAM X.0 - Rear
Tires - Nevegal 2.35 (rear Sticky, front DTC)
Seatpost - All Mountain Post
Grips - Yeti Hardcore Twist
Cable -Jagwire

Weight - somewhere between 34-35 (need to pull the slime tubes out, go tubeless and drop some fat)
Many thanks to Quentin at OTE - Hurricane and Noel at Knolly for the patience, ride time, build advice and wrench time on this bike. Also thanks to all of your on this board for advice on the build.
This is probably the first Endorphin to hits the shores of Israel and perhaps the first Knolly.


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Knolly Endorphin - Aggro AM Build - UK

Frame - Medium, Gunmetal Ano
Fork - Fox 36 Float R (2008), custom valved
Shock - Fox RP23 (2008), PUSH tuned
Headset - Hope
Rear Wheel - Hope Pro II (10mm DT Swiss RWS), DT Swiss EX5.1D w/ UST conversion
Rear Tyre - Maxxis High Roller UST 70A
Front Wheel - Hope Pro II (20mm), DT Swiss EX5.1D w/ UST conversion
Front Tyre - Maxxis High Roller UST (SuperTacky)
Brakes - Formula Oro K18 180 Front, 160 Rear
Handlebar - Controltech Scandium riser
Stem - Thompson Elite X4 - 50mm
Saddle / Post - SDG I-Beam, BelAir FX
Crank - RaceFace Atlas AM
BB - Hope (Stainless Steel)
Pedals - Tioga Surefoot MX
Chain - SRAM
Front ring - 32t e13
Chain Device - MRP System 3 MiniMe
Cassette - SRAM (11 - 34)
Shifter - SRAM X.9
Rear Mech - SRAM X.0
Grips - ODI Rogue
Cable - Gore Rideon

Weight is 30lbs

Coming from a single pivot (Orange Patriot 66) this bike is super stiff. Looking forward to putting her through her paces at an uplift day in Wales tomorrow.


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Frame - XL, Ano Black
Front Shock - Fox 32 RCL
Back Shock - RP23
Headset - Chris King Purple
Wheels - Mavic 321 Hugi Onxy hubs
Brakes - Avic Juicy 7 180mm/160mm Purple danger boy levers
Handlebar - Easton Monkey EA70
Stem - Race face. Soon thomson
Saddle - Fizik
Crank - Truvativ stylo
Pedals - Time
Chain - SRAM PC991
Cassette -SRAM PG-980
Shifter - SRAM X9
Front D - SRAM X.9 - Front
Rear D - SRAM X.0 - Rear
Tires - Nevegal 2.35 (rear Sticky, front DTC)
Seatpost - All Mountain Post
Grips - Yeti Hardcore Twist
Cable -Jagwire

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Knolly Endorphin med.(gun metal gray ano)
07' Fox DHX 5.0
Kenda BG 2.5 front Maxxis Advantage 2.4 rear (both run stans style)
King headset
I-9 enduro wheelset (DT 5.1d rims)
06' Fox 36 VAN fork 163mm
Hope mono M4 brakes180/160mm
Answer Carbon bar
XTR cranks
XTR front der.
XT 11-34 cassette
X.0 triggers
X.0 med cage rear der.
Thomson 90mm/ 10deg stem
Thomson Elite seatpost
WTB Rocket V saddle (chromo rails)
Egg beater pedals
ODI lock on grips
- weight: 31.1 lbs

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gray ano med frame
chris King headset and hubs w/ ztr arch built by dave thomas
hayes stroker trail 170mm front&back
thompson 90mm stem and post (thinking AMP or GD soon)
tubeless 2.35 ignitors
ChrisK fun bolts rear and hope front QR and seat clamp
vanilla RLC
float rp23
sraitline platforms (sweet)
oury lock ons with NYC freeride end caps(the ones that come with the grips suck,lost both in 5 mi,the nyc is the outer clamp and the end cap)
easton monkeylite XC carbon
gore ride on cables
wtb rocket v slt
XTR cranks,cassette,derailleurs,shifters,chain
All Brand New (well it was)

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Frame-Large black, with chromag seat post clamp
Fork-Lyrik U-turn
Shock-CCDB 400lb spring
Headset-Raceface Diabolus headset (I've tried many but like how the width of the cups fit over that large beer can size head tube)
Stem-Raceface Atlas 90mm
Grips-Raceface lock on
Drivetrain-XT(shifters, FD, RD, 11-34, pedals), Hone 22/36 cranks-soon to be XT's
Bottom bracket-hope stainless steel
Brakes- M4's 203/183, 2 piece rotors and braided lines
Saddle- Chromag Lynx
Tires-nobby nics(these gotta go, way too small)
Wheels-Custom I9's, enduro hubs, 1/2silver 1/2black spokes laced to 819
Pilot-6'2" 185lbs, 34inseam.

After a initial 4hr ride I got to know this bike a bit. I've experience with the CCDB on another bike so its pretty easy to set and forget it. WOW!!!! What a stiff frame. Some of my local trails are very tight rooty and just when you've went down the hill you've then gotta go up. Obviously its still new and a few bugs need to be worked out like cable stretch and the stiction in the fork, cockpit setup, etc, but that is to be expected on anything. The rear end is plush, extremely plush when you hit something. Where I was most concerned is when it was time to get outta the saddle and hammer or climb very steep and short sections. This design does not dissapoint. Is it the shock? Is it the Knolly? Who knows but all I care about is that when I'm standing and hammering the back only moves when you hit something!! No pedal bob whatsoever. I know that I'm only scratching the surface of this review but from what I've experienced already this bike is going to be in my stable for a very, very long time. Getting back to the cables, the routing is pure genious, full length housing that provides effortless shifting all the time. The Lyrik is a great fork, easy to play around with and is smooth. I expect that this only to improve. After fiddling with the travel, I settled on the 145mm mark and the bike felt well balanced. Obviously, the downhill sections I ran it at 160mm but it really wasn't needed.


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Frame - Endorphin White (small)
Fork - Fox Float RLC 32 15mm TA
Brakes - Shimano XT
Brakelines - Goodridge
Cassette - Shimano XT
Chain - Soulchain
Cranks - 08 XTR
F Derailleur - XTR
R Derailleur - XTR shadow, long cage
Cables - Nokons
Grips - ODI locks-ons and Straitline bar caps
Handlebars -Truvativ Team carbon
Headset - Chris king
Pedals - Time ATAC XS
Saddle - Fizik Gobi XM
Seat Post - Maverick Speedball R
Seat Collar - Salsa
Shifters - 08 XTR
Skewers - DT 10mm RWS Thru Alxe
Stem - Thomson Elite
Tires - Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.4
Wheelset - All Mountain Industry 9, DT XR4.2D

Weight: 29.9lbs.


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BiM!! Crap!! You're a local to me!! I recognize the Harcore Bikes logo and parts of Ewok anywhere!!!

I'd love to hook up sometime and see that thing in person. I've been contemplating going to a DT for my next ride and getting to see a Knolly locally is pretty few and far between. (I may even beg to sling a leg to see if a large is the frame size I'm after).

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Frame - Endorphin black (small)
Fork - Fox 08 RLC 32
Brakes - Avid Juicy 7
Cassette - XT
Chain - XTR
Cranks - 08 XTR 172.5
F Derailleur - XT
R Derailleur - Sram XO small cage
Cables - jagwire
Grips - oury
Handlebars - maxm alu
Headset - CK NoThreadset
Pedals - Shimano spd
Saddle - Specialized rival
Seat Post - Thomson 31.6
Seat Collar -
Shifters - Sram XO
Stem - Thomson Elite 100mm
Rims (front) - mavic 819
Rims (rare) - mavic 819
Hub (front) - Chris King
Hub (rare) - Chris King
QR - xtr
QR - xtr
Spokes - dt revolution
Tire - Front Kenda Nevagal
rear - Specialized control

Weight 29.03


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had my endo for almost 10 months now and have finally got the build exactly where i like it... only scheduled changes are a 7 inch rear rotor, better cable routing w/ white housing... and maybe a different front wheel... oh and the new 4 inch joplin when available...

medium w/ CCDB 450lb ti spring
08 36 van RC2
king 5.1D supercomp rear wheel with funn bolts & stans tubeless
240S 719 supercomp front wheel
XTR cranks w/ 24 - 34 specialites rings
7 inch martas w/ louise front caliper
sunline 28 inch low rise bars
2.35 excavators
MG1s w/ ti axles
60mm reversed (negative rise) specialized stem
king headset
X0/X9 RD & shifters
11-34 XTR cassette and FD


tried RP23 and talas 36 but much prefer coil CCDB and van 36...

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Well, I guess it's time to put a post! :thumbsup:

Frame: Medium Endorphin w/RP23
Fork: RS Lyric Coil Uturn
Headset: Cane Creek 110
Stem: Syncros
Bar: Sycros Bulk
Grips: Peaty
Shifters: Sram X.9
Front der: Shimano XT
Rear der: Sram X.9 mid cage
Crankset: Hone 3 ring. Will try to make work a 38T ring rather than the 44T.
Pedals: Shimano 647 DX (great!)
Brakes: Magura Julie BAT (8" front / 6" rear)
Wheels: DT Swiss D5.1 rims, Hope Pro II (front) Hope Bulb (rear)
Tires: Nobby Nics (2.25 rear / 2.4 front). Probably will get a Big Betty 2.4 for front, and will move the 2.4 NN to the rear.
Seatpost: Sycros Derived, looks pretty tougth and nice.
Saddle: WTB Pure V

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