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Knolly endophrin

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Anyone ride one out here? I would love to throw my leg over one instead of driving to utah to check one out:D
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I rode the longer travel Delirium T last year at Interbike. Great bike, great company. Their suspension system works as advertised. Their Endophrin had a pretty good review in Bike magazine. They'll probably have my business in the future.

Maybe they can come a day earlier or stay an extra day for Interbike 2009????

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Any chance of getting into Interbike? Or didn't you want to wait that long?

Great bike though. There's someone who recently reported over on the Knolly board that had gone from a 575 to an Endorphin. He and another guy who chimed in had some good thoughts comparing the two.
Im still fluid on the time of purchase. I guess its not going to happen till I actually get a chance to try one:O
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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