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Knolly Endo or Canfield Bros 'the one'/Sauce cross post

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Hello thought I had settled on a endo over a Maverick ML8 but seen the canfield bros bikes and I am mightly intrested in either the one frame or the sauce, seems the knolly endo sits between then but the riding I do is fairly all day fairly long distances in a variety of locations lots of climbing then lots of downs but in all honesty descending is a weakness of mine so the one frame looks a great bike. Target weight for the new bike would be 30/31lbs I am used to the early days of mountain biking where bikes were rarely less than 35lbs, so the canfield 'the one' would fit into the picture.Also really like a good pedalling bike, really like the Maverick ML7.5 as it just got on with the job loved my old Turner RFX horst link.

Anyone ridden the canfield bros compared to the endo? Any thoughts on best option?

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I own a sauce and love it. I rode a demo endo a year ago on a 20+ mile ride and liked it too. Having only ridden the endo once, I can't say too much for comparison, but my recollection was that the endo did not feel as good on the down, but they were about equal on the up with the endo perhaps being slightly better. It depends a lot how it is setup.

That said, you can get a new sauce frame for $1200 and easily build it up to be < 30lbs so I would lean towards the sauce unless you can find a similar deal on the endo. Either way you'll have one fantastic ride.
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