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Hey everyone,
I would really like to do some demo riding and wanted to start a thread on shops and locations that have Knolly demo's available in North America. Also wondered if Knolly has a mobile demo fleet cruising around N.A.?

If you know of any Knolly demo's available please post up. Shop name, location (city and state/providence), bike type and size would be great info for anyone interested in demo rides.

I personally want to ride a new Delirium and Endorphin in size large. I am located in Oregon. Will be making a trip to Whistler this week for the first time also. :D


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Over the Edge Sports in Fruita and Hurricane have a few demos. We (Fruita) have a size run of Endorphins and a large Delirium. Not sure what Hurricane has, but they can be reached at 435-635-5455
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