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Fellow Knolly riders,

Do any of you have a complete bearing listing, or know where I can find one for the 2010 Knolly Delirium?

I'd like to purchase them from Knolly, but the pricing is a little steep, and it's just for a back-up/friend bike of mine.

Anyone have a listing so that i can order them from RWC or whatever.



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I asked this of Cavan at Knolly a year or so ago and got this back:

'10 Delirium
2 @ 3903 2Rs
2 @ 3001 2Rs
4 @ 6000 2Rs
6 @ 608 2Rs

He originally wrote '3000 2RS' for one set of bearings but I later confirmed they should be the 3001 2RS. I have bought a set of enduro seals from RWC and Universal and they seem to work fine.
FYI if you open, flush and repack the bearings (esp the main pivot ones) they will last much longer and you wont need the replacements for a long time!

Good luck!
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