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Hi All,

First, I apologize if someone has already created a thread about this same topic...but I couldn't find one that directly relates. Of course there are threads discussing, at great lengths, the merits of direct from Asia carbon frames versus brand name purchases here in NA. I'm not wanting to get into those discussions here. For the sake of argument, I'm more than happy to accept 2 or 3K cash interest free from any mtbr member willing to hand it over for the sake of maintaining values that we all try to adhere to in many more important ways than sourcing bicycles. Until such time, lets try to remain focused on the question at hand without hating me too much...

I'm looking for a 27.5er carbon full suspension knockoff frame from Asia (yes likely China or Taiwan). There seems to be a ton of rigid carbon frames available, and quite a few 26er FS frames. However, not too many 27.5er FS based on what I can find thus far. Those I've found seem to be shorter travel than what I'd like. I live in BC and so would like something with 5+ inches of travel if possible, while still able to get up the climbs and do long days without putting me in the slow pain room.

Has anyone out there had success with Asia-direct frames of this nature?

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