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KM and 1X1 sizing questions - your advice and pics needed.

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Greetings all
Long time lurker, first time poster ;)
I do follow the forum regularly but as I havnt purchased my Surly yet I havnt contributed. Hopefully very soon after 18 months of sorting other stuff out, this is going to change.
Have decided to finally update my old 94 Stumpjumper singlespeed. Had decided on a 1X1but then got thinking about a Karate Monkey, really like the idea of 29'er SS.
I have a couple of sizing questions that hopefully you guys, real world owners and riders can help me with.
I have been riding since I was a kid and have several hardtail mountain bikes and a Merckx corsa slx roadie as well, so have a good idea with sizing issues and have also read the surly website regarding sizing, but thought I would throw it out to you guys for advice as well, especially regarding the 29'er of which I have no experience.
I also live in far northern Scotland so the frame would have to be mail ordered as there is nobody anywhere near here that stocks Surly, so unable to try before hand.
The main issue with the KM is that I am only 5'4 tall with a PBH of 30 +1/4 inch.
My old singlespeed Stumpy is 16.5 inch but I do also ride a 98 steel Stumpy thats 17.5 inch and this is close to the standover (29 v's 29.2 KM) listed for the KM. Just thought there might be someone else around 5'4 that could give me their views or experience. I did notice in one of the threads a while back that somebody's wife was riding a small though she was 5'5.
Also if anybody could direct me to their pics of a small.
I would also be using my Titec H bars from my other SS.
If this doesnt work out I will be going for the 1X1, and this I have been looking at a 16, as my Stumpy with the H bar feels a bit cramped with a medium stem and the dimensions are pretty close to the 14. So thought the longer TT of the 16 would suite a bit better, while sacrificing a bit of standover. Again if any owners of 16' or 14' 1X1's want to say how tall they are or give their PBH measurement, give their veiws and also post or direct me to their pics I would be really grateful.
Thanks for any help

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and riding a 14 in 1x1. As a 26er, 96er, Large/marge 2.7, tubeless/croos max+lefty.....know of people who have 29er'ed and 650b'ed their 1x1.
I've owned two. Can't live without at least one. I also ride a 16 in Pugsley.:thumbsup:
Just picked up my new "pumpkin orange" 1X1 today. Can't help you too much with sizing though. FWIW, I got a 22" and I'm 6'2" with 34" inseam. I already have a 29r so I went with the 1X1. I did see KM's for $950 fully built with a good mix of stuff on it. 2 cents only....
I'm 5'6". I have a 16" KM and 2 yes two1x1's and not built yet but I picked up a 16" Pugsley.

At 5'4" KM might not have enough stand over height for you[email protected]/sets/72157607223676439/show/with/2847328492/
At 5'4" you're probably borderline for the KM, imo. I'm 5' 6.5" and love the big wheels on my km. Maybe a 14" 1x1 w/ 650bs would be the way to go. Good luck!
Thanks guys

Thanks for all the input guys, its really appreciated.
I guess it just confirms what I thought about the KM being just that bit too big. Damn! why couldnt my parents have been slightly taller and given me just another inch in height. ;)
I cant complain really as out of mum and dad and two sisters I am the tallest :eekster:
1spd1way, I see your pretty close in height and you've also got a 16' Pugsley, how is the standover on the Pug, I dont know your inseam but it would be good to compare.
I know the Pugs are great in the snow and sand but how to they go as a year round machine to ride on the trails and in the mountains? Not talking racing or the like, just the usual ride out with mates or exploring in the hills/mountains, more about the ride and laughing than racing anywhere.
Thanks again for the input and please keep it coming.
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If you notice on my Flickr that in the summer I run 29er wheels on my Green (Joker) 1X1
So you could ride a Non Suspension Corrected 29er.

Winter 26" Wheelset

Winter 26" Wheelset

Summer 29er Wheelset

Summer 29er Wheelset
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28 in

inseam. The pug is one size too big.'s the right size fun!:D
i have bugged Surly to make a 14 in Pugs but always got the "no-go". Now they dropped the top tube with the new frame.After i built the 2nd Pugs in the family.:madmax:
I rode the ffirst Pugs all last summer. It is a really fun bike in everything except slick mud. I was frustrated until I figured out how to turn at speed. (Sit back and Push the front end.) I will be riding the Pug and 1x1 next summer as well.
If the cash is there, buy the Pug. If you want THE most versitile frame, Buy the 1x1 and play with different wheelset/sizes.
that is one of the coolest bikes ever!

that is one of the coolest bikes ever! Seriously love the color combo!
FWIW I tried a 20" KM, didn't like it.
now on a 20" 1x1, much better. (no I don't know why, just felt better)
and yes my 1x1 is currently running 700x40mm tires (shade shorter than true 29ers)

normbilt: I want your spank wheels!
I had a KM before my 1x1, and definitely like my 1x1 with the 29er wheels on it better.
Thanks guys

Thanks guys
As mentioned it looks like the KM is a non starter due to size (mine, not its)
My singlespeed seems to be the only one I am riding lately so the plan as it stands is: current geared modern hardtail already up for sale and I will order a 14'' 1X1. I could go the 16 but wouldnt be able to put 29'er wheels on it due to standover. Have it similar to Normbilt with both sets of wheels for versitility, swap some parts over from my current singlespeed and build a set of 29'ers with Surly hubs.
Then hopefully later in the year, get a Pugsley frame and slowly as finances allow, build it up.
Thanks to everyone for the input, especially normbilt and 1spd1way, its really appreciated.
If someone has a 14'' 1x1 could they stick up a pic or direct me to one if possible.
And please keep adding to this thread if anyone has anything to add.
Thanks and happy trails

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advice?! be honest on your tire requirements! :D
i've got 700x40mm tires on my "29er 1x1", they smooshed out to 45mm on my rims. wheel is slammed forward in the drops!
they're perfect gravel running tires, and I get about a 1" shorter wheelbase that those running the fat knobbies!
waiting for my "28x50mm" marathons to arrive, tread seems a tad more open so I'm going to see how they handle hardpack as well as the pavement/gravel I'm enjoying now

Here is my lady friends 1x1 14" we have been working on building up. She is 5' 2 1/2" with a 28 inseam. It fits her great, no stand over problems. Before I bought my 1x1, I tried my wheelset off my karate monkey. It looked amazing on the super tiny frame.
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quick response

Thanks for the quick response :thumbsup:
The 14 looks fine measurement wise as its pretty much the same as my old 94 Stumpjumper thats my current singlespeed. Over here in the UK it looks like black is my only option for a 14'' and that may have to be a special order.
What is the largest tyre size to get away with on the 1X1 when using 29'er wheels?
Keep em coming

I have 2.1 Maxxis crossmarx tires on my 1x1, and the wheel is pretty far back in the drop out and the tire is pretty close to the seat stay brace. Front is pretty tight, too.
My wife is 5' 2" and is on a 14" 1x1. She has it setup with 650B and I think it is just about perfect. 2.3" neo in the front and 2.1" Quasi in the back.

We put some 2.1" 29" Ignitors on it just to see, they cleared with enough room to spare. But, i really think the 650B is a great option for this frame and smaller riders.
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