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Based in Palmdale exactly 50 miles north of San Fernando Valley (55 minute drive).

PRESIDENTS DAY Monday February 15th

Race starts @ 10am - Sign ups and practice 8am - 9:45am.
Entry $10 includes race, tee shirt, BBQ and awards.

4 CLASSES: Cat 1 being most prestigious! Awards top 3 each division! (see below for details)

Cat 1 - Coaster Brake - No fixed gear - No hand brakes - Single Speed.

Cat 2 - Department store bike (max retail $199.00) NO Modifications - Bone Stock.

Cat 3 - Vintage Mountain Bike (1990 or earlier) No suspension - 24 gears max.

Cat 4 - Single Speed MTB (BMX ok)

Race will be approx 10 laps - 1 hour race time for the winner.
Race course is more than 75% singletrack.
Spectators will be able to see over 50% of the course and encouraged!
BBQ following the event - plan on sticking around!

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14 Freeway Northbound. Exit Palmdale Blvd - Left (head west 2.5 miles - the name changes to Elizabeth Lake Road). Turn Right on 25th Street West. Turn left on Ave P-12 (1/4 mile). Follow signs to race start up Ave P-12.

Seeking volunteers/course marshals.

What? Single track in Palmdale? Yes people it's true! And we're talking some well groomed, fast, fun, and scenic single track like you've never seen before. Tucked in a valley hidden from only but the most adventurous types is some of the best single track around, you'll have to ride it to believe it. Challenging but not scary, fast but not out of control. Get ready for a good time.

Each category is rated by difficulty, CAT 1 being the hardest and CAT 4 being the easiest.

CAT 1: Coaster brake racers.

The hardest of the hardcore. No hand brakes, no gears, no sense of self preservation! A rider choosing this configuration can have a suspension fork and be clipped in etc as long as the bike is single speed coaster brake only. Click here for exhaustive information on coaster brake mountain bikes.

CAT 2: Department store klunkers!

Your budget is $200.00 or less and you'll have to show your receipt upon entering the rally. You can tweak and tune your bike (and you should) as much as you want but you cannot switch out any parts! The bike must remain bone stock for the event. Most big department stores have a very lax return policy (wink wink) or donate it to charity when your done with it.

CAT 3: Vintage mountain bikes.

There are tons of old mountain bikes from 1990 or older just laying around waiting to roll on some single track again. Now is the time to dust off that old hot pink rockhopper and ride like your life depended on it. The bike must be 1990 or older, be full rigid (no shocks or suspension) and have 24 speeds max. Click those thumb shifters and get ready for action!!!

CAT 4: Single speed mountain bikes.

Single speed mountain bikes of any stripe are welcome. High end, home grown, hodge-podge, or bmx is all right by us.

This is for fun, bring friends to watch and heckle riders, and don't forget to wear your helmet!!!

Gamers local 2112
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jhill said:
this is seriously contemplating signing there a limit on numbers of people or a deadline
sign up is on race day just show up between 8-10, and there's no limit to the number as long as we don't run out of paper plates for number plates we're cool.

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That sounds like so much fun. I don't think we have anything like this in Georgia, but if so I'd love to do it. Hope it's a great time

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i remember they had a coaster brake fully rigid cruiser bike downhill comp somewhere in the mountains im fixxin up a rig for the beach that doubles as a huckable
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