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Klein Stratum 185 bar on eBay.

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Not mine, nor do I know the owner, nor do I care. I just know some of you folk would love this thing.

Lemme add to that. Stratum 110 on the 'Bay as well.

Have fun!
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I bought my stratum 185 from that guy. It came new in box in perfect condition. That stratum 110 is mine btw, so if you bid I will have to hurt you :mad: . That stratum 110, and a 130 will mean I have every model. I should be getting a new 90 soon as well to use on my attitude. I also weighed my 185 the other day and it came in at 185g. I was suprised, cause my 90 came in at 93g.
The guy selling the 110 likes to yell and very vague. :rolleyes:
You ever need another 90 or 185 let me know

They practally give them away around here. I picked up a box of 90's, like 10 of them, for $15 2 yrs ago.

And be careful with them...broken ones make quite a mess

And a final question...why did Klein even make bars??? None of their bikes could even accept them at the time of production!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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