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Klein question

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I was looking at a Klein frame today, it was bare/unpainted, chainstays were round to square and it had a rear brake cable guide (a tube) integrated alongside the seatpost. . Any clue what year or model from this meager description? I may just be forgetting but I don't remember one with that feature... thanx
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all of them pre v brake. did it have an overly large head tube?
no, the top tube seemed large but the head tube looked normal ..1" I think..I looked thru the archives and the only frame I saw with what appeared to be a wrap around rear brake guide was an Adroit.
Stan, you better get me some pictures, or there's gonna be trouble ;)

1" ht means Top Gun, Pinnacle, Rascal, Fervor, etc...

It's not mine but I'm goin back for another look. I'll try to get pics and a serial #. It did have XT derailers, XT thumbies. I believe the front brakes were XT cantis, the rear were 986's and I believe the levers were Diacomp (SS5's?). Rims were Specialized with Shimano Parallax hubs....and of course..slicks. Also kind of odd, it had what I think was a Capa suspension fork with curved blades. But I'm sure the wheelset was 26"....Control tech stem...
"rear brake cable guide (a tube) integrated alongside the seatpost"

All Klein frames size XS / 18" have this.
thanx guys, another mystery solved...but why only on the XS frames? It seems like it would have been just as effective on the larger frames too?

took another looksee today ..Ringle QR's on wheels and seattube..... and Cook Bros. cranks. I might have to make a move on this one ;)
da'HOOV said:
thanx guys, I might have to make a move on this one ;)
:rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:
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