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Klein Attitude question....

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I'm a newbie to mountain biking and have done alot of research in what kind of bike I want to get. I've settled on the Klien Attitude as my number one choice.

Now here is the dilemna: All of the 2004s are sold out in my area but I have been able to find a 2002 Attitude and a 2003 Attitude. Both are roughly the same price (discounted). The frames are the same but of course their are some updated components on the 2003 model. The 2002 is green and the 2003 is black. Anybody have any experience with these models or any thoughts???
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hey Nittany, if you can, get the 03, it is speced a bit better than the 02 and almost identicle to the 04. My wife bought me an 03 klein attitude this past christmas as a second bike, and as i have said numerous times on here and ebay will prove, i sold my sweet fs rig in favor of the hardtail. My one complaint about this bike is the paint, although it is very nice, it is very fragile, chips and scratches very easily. oh well, its gonna happen anyway, great choice, go for the 03 and enjoy.

did you guys see the 2005 kleins? they had it up on their website for a couple days then switched the pics back to 2004. looks like they made a little bit of change to the attitude. i ride the 2004, it is superb but the paint is a little fragile just like walter says
2005 Klein Attitude

Thanks for everyone's thoughts. I called Klein up and asked about the 2005s and they told me they will be showing those in about 2 weeks. The guy did tell me that the frame will remain the same but of course there will be some upgraded components.

I may just wait until the 2005s come out to decide if it is worth getting that or most likely the 2003 model.

By the way, has anyone ever tried the touch up paint on their bike? Or the 3M paint protector?
I haven't had any paint problems with my '04,and I did receive touch-up paint with my bike !
I have an Attitude to sell....

PM me if interested...
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