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hows that for a choice eh !

situation . .. have an old hardtail which is fine for me to get to and from work - but is really getting on and its not worth upgrading any further.

So i am looking for something else. Now, I like my hardtails, but i'm a big chap, and it I will on occasion be taking the bike along some fairly techincal and demanding routes . . . although day to day riding will be mostly road work on the commute . . . . which is 13 miles each way over a 1000ft climb.

So first up is the Klein. I have always wanted a Klein and this years Attitude V makes me drool. This years colour is very appealing. It would be light, nippy, have a massive 'cool - a Klein'' factor and would climb and do the road work very well. But I sometimes think that I would have to be much more careful on the off road sections so as not to break it.

So then I think about a XC full susser and the most appealing to me in that catgeory would be the Fuel EX7. Its got the 4" of suspension that would handle the most of the off road stuff ( i'm not a jumper ) whilst still being light enough to get along the road without too much fuss. In fact it would probably be about the same weight as my ancient hard tail. However, its a Trek, its a common name, boring colour, and kinda middle of the road - i.e. it doesn't stand out enough..

but here in the UK its £1400 and for £100 more, I could get the Kona Coiler. Big, brutish, nice colour, more of a cool factor round here ( Kona's are v. rare ) . It would definietely handle the off road stuff, but the extra weight would be a big big drag on the up hill of going to work.

so which would you choose?

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donboyfisher said:
...over a 1000ft climb...
Just based on that statement you can rule out the coiler. not designed for that kind of serious climbing, and since you don't jump much, you would not be using its full potential. too much travel and weight. If you like Kona consider the Kikapu line. It's more appropriate. not sure if you are opent to other kona bikes or just the 3 above.

As for the klein, i don't think you need to worry about breaking it. if you like hardtails, and the one you have now lasted so long, you may want to consider the klein. warranty will cover it anyways. Hardtails will be lighter and more efficient than any equal cost full suspension bike.

The EX7 is also a good bike, that would smooth out the bumps, and give you more confidence on the rough stuff.
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