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Kiwi Homers in So Cal May 2010

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Hi Fellow Homers - longtime lurker and occasional poster here. I will be in San Diego for a conference in May. If I bribe the right people (in-laws) Mrs A may join me for a week to follow the conference. I am sure there is great riding around San Diego - but is it the best use of my precious holiday???? We can meet elsewhere in So Cal - or even fly to another W Coast city but need to be able rent bikes (of a certain standard... we are both Homers after all).

6-7 days is all we've got. We will be coming out of a southern hemisphere summer so should be fit - please note we are 40 something weekend warriors who don't huck, drop or jump so need to plan accordingly.

Any thoughts from our northern brothers and sisters?

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I too will be in San Diego in May, since I live here! :)

You are asking where the best riding in So Cal is. I'm surprised there haven't been oodles of shameless trail promotion, and trail bashing.

I recommend checking out some of our local trail websites. socalmtb comes to mind.

Go ahead and PM me, and I'll give you a long-winded answer, along with some follow-up questions.

As for a rental, I wonder if you could get one of the Competitive Cyclist demo bikes, and use it for the week, then send it back.

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