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Hey guys.

I'm thinking there have got to be more good (meaning worthwhile) trails around this are... Here's a list of the places that I know of:

- WCC Trails, aka Hydrocut
- Mad Dog trails near Petersburg, these are new, being built by WCC. Not sure what the status is, or even how to get to the trails
- Puslinch Tract
- Little Tract (worthwhile?)
- Homer Watson Park, aka Wilson (not bad, feels more like training than actual fun)
- Lackner woods/Grand River Trail along the river near Ottawa and Lackner in Kitchener. Used to go over to Chicoppee but there's a new subdivision and the latest word is that there's another one going in! :(
- Dryden Tract (similar to Wilson in that it's lots of work, not much reward)
- Guelph Lake

I live near Ottawa and Trussler in Kitchener, and it seems to be that there has to be some trails in the woods on Trussler somewhere. Does anyone know of some more good places to ride that are closer than Kelso?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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