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Hi, staying at the Burke Mountain Hotel for a couple of days and I'm wondering if it's realistic to think I can ride to and from the hotel without needing to drive into town? It's a little hard to tell from looking at trail maps.

The bike park will not be open the days I'm there.

Just thought it would be cool to ditch the car. Thanks for any feedback!

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Yes, it’s completely possible. if you are planning on eating diner in town bring lights, it’s getting dark around 730 these days. Hotel is at the top of the hill so it’ll always be a climb home. Not a bad climb on the road but a mostly trail ride back will have a couple a steep bits.

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Riding road up is not that bad. Like already said. You can start each ride with a bike park run. You can climb just a little bit and get any trail, not just Grail. Depending on the number of days there, and since it sounds like you have a car available, I would consider driving and starting in town atleast once. The reason for this is that the trail from the resort into town isn’t that fun and you will only want to do it once. Below are my two favorites.

A great long ride from hotel and back;
-Take a bike park trail of your choice down.
Right up road towards hotel
Left onto Dashney road
Right onto trillion
Magill field to
Butter tubs
Right at junction onto MH
Left onto Shonty shuffle
Left Victory road
Right Flowbrook rd
Swamp donkey/Hawkeye Up to gazebo
Black bear all the way down
Up haul road to Lynks
To flower brook trail
Moose alley to white school back to town.
-you can add it white school loops and Wares Davis if you want.
Then up the road to hotel.

for another ride I’d start in town.
Uptown and Herbs to Darling Hill
Left on Darling hill
Left onto Heavens Bench across
From bike shop
Left onto ridge into rim
East Branch to Culvert Cut
Cross road take a left onto Border
Then a left onto Bear Back
Right onto westbanch climb
Take sidewinder down
Then west branch to Fox Run up to bike shop
Left onto Darling hill
Left onto Burklynn
Left down Emma’s sanctury
Take a right and climb up river run
Left onto Loop
Left onto coronary to Harp
Ride up harp and left onto green harp to Ozias
Continue on Ozias across road
Right onto Wares Davis to town and thank the maker that your car is there.
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