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Ladies, Gentlemen, Bigfeet, and Distinguished Guests,

It is my honor and privilege to announce our next King Range "Work, Camp, and Ride" weekend.

We will be meeting at Tolkan Campground at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 18th. We've only a little left to do to connect the triple switchback section to the decommissioned Queen's Mine Road and we may be working on the Paradise Ridge side too. The BLM has had a couple CCC and SCA crews out there this summer, so even more progress has been made since our Cinco de Mayo celebration.

After the work is done for the day on Saturday, we can ride the completed section. This makes for a ten mile out and back or can be ridden as a loop with King Peak Road. After riding, we'll get the BBQ going and grill up some victuals. The BBQ will be hosted, all you need to bring is an appetite. There may be some home brew on tap too.

Even if you can't join us to work on Saturday, come on out and ride with us Sunday morning. If you have not ridden here yet, this is a great opportunity to get out there and see what's going on and get a personal tour of the trail. There aren't any official published maps yet, so it helps to ride with somebody who already knows the trails. We'll likely be taking it slow in the morning, so don't arrive expecting to join us for a ride at eight a.m.

If you're joining us for the BBQ, an RSVP by August 16th would be appreciated so we know how much grub to buy.

For more details, visit Bigfoot Bicycle Club's website at

See you on the road and on the trails


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