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KING KAHUNA 29" sizing - 18 or 19" ????

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Kona gurus -

What size King Kahuna frame would you recommend for a 5'10 1/2" w/ 33" inseam guy to set-up as a race bike? I feel like I'm in between the 18 and the 19 inch.

Hate to ask but there isn't any here in town for me to throw a leg over.....any help is appreciated.
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I run a 18" Big Kahuna which has very similar geo and I am 5'11" with ~32.5" inseam and it feels pretty good. I plan to race it for the first time in a couple of weeks and it feels great for this purpose. I thought I would be in between but they are 'biggish' sizes. I can stand over the top tube on the 18". Not sure if I could on the 19".

Only other advice, flip the stem for negative rise and they ride even better.
I found this page the other day which provides some handy formulae:

According to the calcs, my 33.5" inseam puts me on an 18" frame. Which is good because that's what I have coming :)

To further convince myself, I compared the geometries with other bikes I've ridden and put the results into Excel.
Green = left side is bigger
Red = left side is smaller

Blue Colorfulness Green Yellow Text

Oddly enough, my previous 19" Giant which fit me well is mostly smaller than my 18" Kona. Also, the 20" Giant I rode felt too big to me.
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